Divorce attorneys see a lot when they are helping people reach an agreement to end their marriage.  While the process of divorce can be complicated on its own, it becomes much more difficult when there are children involved.  No one sees how much a divorce can impact the kids more than an experienced Oregon divorce attorney.  To help reduce the impact that your divorce has on your kids, we’ve put together some helpful tips that can help to minimize the emotional toll on the whole family.

One thing that divorce attorneys often recommend to divorcing couples with kids is to try and keep their daily routine and life as consistent as possible.  This may sound impossible when one spouse is living outside of the home or when there is a great deal of animosity between you and your spouse.  Kids needs an extra level of stability when their parents are going through a divorce, so try to keep their home life and school activities the same whenever possible.  If one partner has moved out, try to set up a stable place for the kids at the new home, so that they can feel safe when spending time with both parents.

Another important piece of advice is to keep the lines of communication open with your kids.  Children of all ages often have a lot of questions about divorce, and it’s important to keep your ears open because they may want to talk about the divorce but don’t know if it’s ok to broach the subject.  It’s good for both parents to let their kids know that it’s ok to ask questions, so make sure to keep those lines of communication open. Make sure you don’t speak negatively about the other parent to the kids, or in front of the kids. Divorce is hard on children, and much more so if they feel caught between parents.

Perhaps the most valuable information that a divorce attorney can give to their clients who have children is to remember to take proper care of their health and well-being during the divorce process so that they can be the best possible parents to their kids.  Divorce is stressful, and it’s important to make sure you are taking time to decompress.  Do the things you normally would to relax and take time to have fun with your kids.  You’ll be glad you did once your divorce has been resolved.

Family law mediation in Portland (including Multnomah County, Clackamas County and Washingtion County) allows couples who are divorcing to work with a neutral third party to resolve all of the issues in their divorce, including those involving child custody.  Mediation can be much cheaper and less stressful than trying to go through a difficult divorce proceeding and it has a very high rate of success.  It can also help some divorcing spouses maintain a more positive relationship post divorce.  If you have decided that divorce is the only solution for you and are ready to start discussing family issues, it’s time to seek out a mediator for help.

In family law mediation, both parties sit down with the mediator together and work through things like custody arrangements, financial support for the kid’s education, healthcare and any other big issues that will be impacted by your divorce.  It’s important to remember when you are going through a divorce to avoid judging the other person’s parenting skills if you are angry with them for other reasons.  If your spouse is a good parent and it would benefit the children to maintain a relationship with them, then it’s worth it to everyone involved to find a custody agreement that works.

Family issues can be a big obstacle in many divorces, but working with a mediator with a background in family law can take the stress and emotions out of the process.  By focusing on what is best for the children and creating a plan that everyone can agree on, a mediator can become your most valued resource when you are going through a divorce.

If you are thinking about going to trial with your divorce, consider the financial and emotional impact on your family.   It’s always better to avoid complicating matters even further when there are kids involved.  Contact a trusted law professional today to see how mediation could work for you and avoid the cost, hassle and stress of going to court to end your marriage.

Many parents think that child support only applies in cases where a legally married couple is separating.  Child support applies in any situation where the parents of a child are legally separating, even if they aren’t married.  In Oregon, the majority of child support issues are handled within the courts, whether or not the couple is married.  For unmarried fathers, it’s important to take some steps to protect your rights as a parent and to do it as quickly as possible after the birth of the child.  Taking an active role in your child’s life right away is the key to establishing that important bond that you can nurture for life.

If you are an unmarried father, it’s important that you legally establish the paternity of your child so that you can play an active role in any child support issues, questions about child custody and modifications to existing agreements later on down the road.

Unmarried fathers must hire a child support attorney in Portland  (who deals with cases in Multnomah County, Washingtion County, Clackamas County, Yamhill County) if they want to ensure that their rights are protected through all types of custody and parenting disputes.  Sometimes circumstances change, and you may need to ask the courts to decrease the amount of support you pay or petition the courts for more visitation time.  No matter what you need, hire an expert who has experience in the common issues that unmarried fathers face.  Whether you are seeking a more active parenting role in your child’s life or want to alter your child support payments, hiring your own attorney is the smartest move you can make.

There’s nothing worse than being denied valuable time with your children that you deserve or being forced to pay more child support than is reasonably expected. If you need help navigating the tricky waters of co-parenting as an unmarried father, contact a child support attorney today for help.  Acting fast and getting your legal issues straightened out as quickly as possible will help both parents focus on what is most important – taking care of the child.

As an active father, you understand the importance of maintaining a healthy, loving bond with your kids.  If you are dedicated to ensuring that your relationship with your kids isn’t negatively impacted by your divorce, then it’s important to be informed about the custody process and what your rights are.  We’ve put together 3 tips for Dad’s that can help simplify the custody process.  Before you call a Portland custody lawyer, read on for some helpful information.  A Portland custody lawyer handles cases in Portland, Beaverton, Tigard, Lake Oswego, Hillsboro, Astoria and other surrounding towns.

The first tip to remember before entering into a custody fight is that it’s important to start out pushing for as much custody time as possible from the very start.  Allowing your spouse to have more time on a temporary custody schedule may help reduce the conflict for a short period of time, but it won’t do anything to help your kids.  Plus, it will actually be harder down the road to modify that agreement once it’s in place.  As a father, you need to show the courts why you want more time and clearly indicate why it would be in the best interests of the kids- that’s the best way to present the strongest case for your parental rights.

The second tip for Dads who are dealing with custody issues is to never bring up questions about child support payments or other financial questions when discussing custody.  It’s a common misconception that some parents simply want more custody because they don’t want to pay as much in support.  Child support payments aren’t solely based on who has the most time with the child, and it can be very dangerous territory when discussing custody issues.  Don’t let yourself be seen as just wanting more child support or it might negatively impact your case.

Our final tip for Dads is to remember that maintaining a good relationship with the mother of your children is always the best and easiest way to protect your kids from harmful emotions and the stress that divorce can bring.  Be respectful and try to reason as much as possible in order to keep a major conflict from developing.  It’s the best gift that you can give to your kids and it can help make custody issues much easier to navigate.

A Portland family lawyer can help you get through the most common legal situations that many families will face at some point during their lives.  Contrary to popular belief, family law isn’t just about custody cases.  Lawyers who specialize in family law deal with a much broader spectrum of legal issues, including three of the most common legal situations:  divorce, property settlements and prenuptial agreements.  These family law issues can range from the simplest cases to those that are more complex in nature.  Working with a lawyer who is experienced in family law ensures the best possible outcome for your case.  These lawyers handle cases in Multnomah County, Washington County, Clackamas County, Yamhill County.

Divorce cases can range from those that are pretty cut and dry and easy to resolve, to others that involve much more time spent working out settlement agreements.  A family lawyer who specializes in divorce cases like yours can help sort out all the details, making it easy to see exactly what needs to be done to resolve your case as quickly as possible.  While you may not think you need a lawyer for your divorce case, legal experts recommend that everyone involved have their legal representation.  That way, if emotions are ignited during the process or if issues come out that complicate the matter, it won’t throw the process too far off track.

Property settlements are another common area where a family lawyer in Portland can help settle issues much faster.  Issues involving property can be touchy as there is often value involved that both parties have a vested interest in.  When it comes to property settlements due to divorce, a death in the family or other issues, make sure you work with a family lawyer who can ensure that the matter is handled as smoothly as possible.

Finally, a family lawyer can be a tremendous source of help when drafting pre-nuptial agreements, as they have the knowledge and expertise needed to ensure that the resulting agreement meets your expectations.  Working with a family lawyer before you get married is also a great way to take care of things like setting up your will, revising custody plans and other agreements that may come up before you get married.

Although most cases of divorce have some elements of hurt feelings and sadness involved, not all situations require a long court case to end the marriage.  Hiring a Portland divorce lawyer can help simplify what can be a painful process.  Working with an expert in divorce law who can help you avoid the most common mistakes that many people make can is simply the best way to ensure your case goes as smoothly as possible.

One of the biggest pitfalls that people who are going through a divorce fall into the mistaken belief that all cases have to go to court in order to be resolved.  An experienced lawyer can explain why this isn’t the case, as there are plenty of cases that are successfully handled out of court.  When a case can be settled at mediation or settled between the two parties themselves and signed off by a judge, then it’s a much cheaper way to legally dissolve a marriage.  If you can avoid going to court, you’ll be avoiding one of the biggest mistakes that many couples make.

Another big pitfall that you can avoid is to always know your worth when considering a settlement offer in a divorce case.  Take a careful look at how much your spouse makes and how much you own together as a couple.  The only way you’ll be able to know you are getting a fair offer for a settlement agreement is to have a complete picture of how much you are worth.  Keep in mind that you need an offer that protects your financial future and the future of your children as well.

Finally, be realistic in what your priorities are when undergoing the divorce process.  You may think you are entitled to more than you deserve simply because you are angry or because you were wronged in a marriage. It’s always best to look at things from a realistic point of view so that you aren’t surprised or disappointed by the outcome.  Working with a divorce attorney can help prepare you for the process and can help you avoid the traps that many people fall into.  By keeping a clear head and working with a trusted professional, you can keep your divorce as simple as possible.

Divorce doesn’t have to be a drawn out, overly painful event.  Although there are usually plenty of emotions involved and complicating circumstances to deal with, being prepared can make the process much easier.  Hiring an experienced Oregon divorce lawyer is the best first step you can take, as they can help make sure you have everything you need in place before pursuing the actual divorce.  Although the lawyer’s office is in Portland, the lawyer can handle your case whether you live in Portland, Lake Oswego, Beaverton, Hillsboro, Tigard, Astoria or anywhere else in the state.

The first thing that a divorce lawyer will help you with is gathering up all of the paperwork, emails and other important information you need that may apply to your case.  This typically includes things that apply to any shared expenses and investments, property value information, information about loans and other pertinent information.  Make sure that you get copies of everything that you find as it’s always a good idea to keep the originals stored safety away unless they are needed to prove circumstances of your case in court.

Another important way that you can prepare for a divorce is to start collecting your cash reserves in case of emergency spending.  You may need to pay an attorney, pay for a hotel and other necessities if you are planning on moving out of the marital home during the divorce process.  Having a small reserve of cash is a very smart way to be prepared if you suspect your partner will be filing on divorce soon or if you are planning on filing for yourself.

Finally, consider whether or not you’ll be requesting alimony and child support, as this can affect how your divorce case goes.  If you have been the primary guardian staying at home to care for a child, or make significantly less than your partner, then you may be eligible for temporary support during your divorce proceedings.  When your case goes to court, you maybe granted long-term support as well.

Take the time to gather as many details as possible in regards to your personal and financial situation and to prepare yourself emotionally, it can make a difficult divorce easier to get through.  By taking some smart steps before you file, you’ll be well prepared to handle anything that comes your way.

When a custody plan is put into place during a divorce or separation process, you may think that what you have in place now has to last forever.  It’s important to be flexible during a custody case. There are many factors in life that can cause parents to request a modification of the current custody plan.  If your custody arrangement is not working for you, modifying custody plans in Portland with the help of an attorney is a simple way to remedy the situation.

It’s always best to try communicating with the other parent first regarding changes to your current custody agreement. However, it’s not always effective.  There are some situations when speaking with the other person just isn’t an option, such as when there has been violence in the home or when there is an absentee parent.  When the current custody arrangement is putting the best interests of the child at risk or causing obvious danger to the child, then it’s imperative to have the courts step in as soon as possible, even if you haven’t spoken to the other parent.  The courts will look at what is best for the child in order to make modifications to ensure their safety.

Another common reason for modifying custody plans is when one parent moves to another country or even just out of state.  If the move makes the current custody arrangement impossible to maintain due to travel time and expenses, then you can apply for a modification in the agreement.  The court will consider all angles of the situation, including how much any proposed changes will affect the child’s day to day experiences (including their attendance at school or other activities), and whether the parents have expressed an active interest in making a new visitation schedule work.  Having a clear plan in place can greatly improve your outlook, and can have a big impact on how the court weights your request.

If you run a family-owned business, then you already understand the many pitfalls and issues that arise on a daily basis.  Whether you own a family farm, operate a retail store or run a technology firm with a family member, an Oregon family lawyer can help guide you through even the most difficult business issues.

Having a family lawyer that you can rely on for your business can be incredibly cost-effective when it comes to handling everything from routine legal issues for your business to handling any tax issues that arise.  While many first-time business owners think they can handle it all on their own, they often find that after a while, important details start falling through the cracks.  Trying to manage all of these issues while also operating a business can be incredibly difficult, and you might miss something.  When you’ve got a legal partner that you can depend on, however, it will help you save big in the end.

One of the biggest ways that a family lawyer can assist owners of a family-run business is helping out when conflicts arise.  If two joint owners are getting a divorce or if there are other types of issues that come up, your lawyer can step in and ensure that the business is protected throughout the process.  They may help a divorcing couple sell off their assets in order to redistribute capital or help them create new ownership agreements that will protect them individually if they want to continue to do business together.  Either way, it pays to have a legal representative on your side.  Nothing can ruin a family run business faster than a conflict between family members, but with the right legal help, a business can remain protected.

When a family business is run correctly, it can be profitable for many generations of owners, creating a legacy for your family name.  Protect your assets and your business by hiring a family lawyer before you even open your doors.  That way you’ll be protected from the start by a legal professional who understands the complex needs of businesses that are family owned and operated.

Are you a mother looking to establish legal paternity for child support reasons or a father who wants to take control of his parental rights which are being denied?  A Portland paternity lawyer can help you turn potentially difficult paternity issues into carefully managed legal proceedings that are handled professionally.  By helping both mother’s and fathers who want to establish paternity, a qualified lawyer can help ensure that the interests of the child are being protected and that they never get caught in the middle of a potentially messy situation.

For mother’s who are seeking to establish paternity, an experienced paternity lawyer can help determine if someone is the biological father by getting a court-ordered DNA test.  This is often needed when someone is refusing to pay child support due to claims of not being the biological parent.  Once the father has been legally confirmed, then your lawyer can help you with things like updating the child’s birth certificate, requesting child support payments and working out details of child visitation or custody arrangements.

Father’s often reach out to a paternity lawyer when they need help providing they are the biological parents of a child in order to seek out custody or visitation with the child.  If you are being kept from your child because the mother claims you aren’t the father, a simple DNA test can reveal the truth, restoring your parent rights and getting the time you deserve with your kids.

No matter why you may need a paternity lawyer, keep in mind that these types of issues tend to have a lot of emotion and sometimes anger tied to them.  It’s always best to keep in mind what is best for the children and always try to work together amicably to resolve the situation.  When it comes to the care and support of the kids involved, establishing paternity is just one step in the road to taking charge of your rights.

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