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You have lost your battle in circuit court or before an administrative board or you won and the other side has filed an appeal.  You now are faced with what will be the most important decision in the case, who to hire as an attorney for your appeal.  Even if you had a good trial attorney, they likely do not have the skills needed to handle Oregon appeals.

Since an appeal is based totally on the record already before the court, a good appeals attorney must be able to convince the appeals court based only on the transcript, exhibits and pleadings.  Therefore, the attorney must be able to carefully read these and interpret them for the court.  It is important for the attorney to write clearly and persuasively.  But, most important, a great appeals attorney must be able to tell your story to the court so that you know you are heard and the court understands the facts and the issues.

A great experienced appeals attorney will have all of the above skills and will know the appeals judges and the sometimes complex rules of the court.  If you want your case to be heard and to have the best chance possible of winning the appeal, you should hire an experienced appeals attorney.

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