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You have the right to appeal a decision of the circuit court or an administrative board. However, you totally lose this right if you do not file a timely notice of appeal. Virtually nothing else in the law is as absolute as the requirement of a notice of appeal. The reason for this is that the appeals courts do not have jurisdiction to take the case if a timely notice of appeal is not filed.

This rule is the same in every state. When Katrina hit New Orleans, people would have lost their right to appeal even though the court houses were destroyed and attorneys offices and records were gone. However, the Louisiana legislature passed a law granted an extension for that one occasion so that people would have the chance to protect their rights to appeal.

The Notice of Appeal must be timely filed, in the correct form and served on the right people including the transcript coordinator, the circuit court, the Court of Appeals, the opposing attorney or party.  If all of this is not done, you lose your right to appeal.

If you get a ruling from the circuit court or from an administrative board that you do not like, contact an Oregon Appeals Attorney. They can make sure that the notice of appeal is timely and correctly filed and served preserving your right to challenge the ruling at the Court of Appeals.

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