Are you a mother looking to establish legal paternity for child support reasons or a father who wants to take control of his parental rights which are being denied?  A Portland paternity lawyer can help you turn potentially difficult paternity issues into carefully managed legal proceedings that are handled professionally.  By helping both mother’s and fathers who want to establish paternity, a qualified lawyer can help ensure that the interests of the child are being protected and that they never get caught in the middle of a potentially messy situation.

For mother’s who are seeking to establish paternity, an experienced paternity lawyer can help determine if someone is the biological father by getting a court-ordered DNA test.  This is often needed when someone is refusing to pay child support due to claims of not being the biological parent.  Once the father has been legally confirmed, then your lawyer can help you with things like updating the child’s birth certificate, requesting child support payments and working out details of child visitation or custody arrangements.

Father’s often reach out to a paternity lawyer when they need help providing they are the biological parents of a child in order to seek out custody or visitation with the child.  If you are being kept from your child because the mother claims you aren’t the father, a simple DNA test can reveal the truth, restoring your parent rights and getting the time you deserve with your kids.

No matter why you may need a paternity lawyer, keep in mind that these types of issues tend to have a lot of emotion and sometimes anger tied to them.  It’s always best to keep in mind what is best for the children and always try to work together amicably to resolve the situation.  When it comes to the care and support of the kids involved, establishing paternity is just one step in the road to taking charge of your rights.

Even the most perfect looking marriages can end up not working out.  When a marriage simply isn’t working anymore, and one or both parties want to live apart yet still remain married, it might be time to consider a legal separation.  While many couples go through with getting divorced, others prefer to file a legal separation with the help of a separation attorney in Portland.  Being legally separated means that spouses can live apart while yet still retaining many of the rights and benefits that being married brings.  It’s helpful for a variety of reasons, and it might be the solution for you.

In legal terms, couples who are legally separated are still married until they go through with an official divorce proceeding.  Many couples today are opting for long-term separations versus divorce for financial reasons.  Legally, you can still stay on your spouse’s insurance plan if you are separated, which is a big issue for many couples.  In today’s economy where it can be incredibly expensive to pay for an individual health plan or to pay out of pocket for healthcare, it can benefit both parties to stay married but separated in the eyes of the law.

Religious reasons also often factor into a couple’s decision to separate instead of getting a divorce.  Some religions look down on divorce or view it as a serious sin, leading many couples to avoid problems with the church by seeking out a legal separation instead.  Staying married for the sake of one’s religion is an option if that is a concern for you, but being separated will give you the legal ok to maintain a separate household from your spouse.

Working with a separation attorney can help to solidify the details of your separation agreement, including the division of assets and any applicable custody agreements.  This can make the process of separating much easier on both parties and can help resolve the situation as amicably as possible. It’s also much more affordable and easier to resolve than a divorce case.

Even the most amicable divorce can develop its share of complications.  For many couples, having significant assets and cash to divide can make even the friendliest of divorces extremely tough.  This is why you need an attorney who is familiar with high asset divorce in Portland.  If your divorce will involve splitting up businesses owned by one or both of you, multiple homes and retirement accounts or other assets, you will need a legal representative who understands the financial issues and the importance of resolving these types of cases efficiently and fairly.

One of the most common issues in a divorce with a large amount of high-value assets is deciding how to divide up property that you both own a stake in. There are many factors the court will consider, including the value of the different properties, any stipulations in the prenuptial agreement (if applicable), along with other factors involving personal finances and your current employment situation.  There a lot at stake financially in any divorce, but particularly in a high-asset divorce. It is important to make sure you have excellent legal advice, as mistakes can be costly.  An experienced high stakes divorce attorney can make sure that your rights are respected throughout the process and that you get your fair share of the marital assets.

If one or both spouses are owners of a business, it is essential to have solid legal advice in a divorce.  You may need an attorney’s help to buy out your half of the business or to sell your portion off to your spouse. You will want an attorney who is familiar with business valuations and dividing business assets.  A divorce attorney who understands how to skillfully navigate high asset divorces can help make the process easier and can make sure that you don’t lose out on the things you have worked hard for.  Contact an attorney today for help if you are contemplating divorce and there are valuable assets at stake.

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