Family law mediation in Portland (including Multnomah County, Clackamas County and Washingtion County) allows couples who are divorcing to work with a neutral third party to resolve all of the issues in their divorce, including those involving child custody.  Mediation can be much cheaper and less stressful than trying to go through a difficult divorce proceeding and it has a very high rate of success.  It can also help some divorcing spouses maintain a more positive relationship post divorce.  If you have decided that divorce is the only solution for you and are ready to start discussing family issues, it’s time to seek out a mediator for help.

In family law mediation, both parties sit down with the mediator together and work through things like custody arrangements, financial support for the kid’s education, healthcare and any other big issues that will be impacted by your divorce.  It’s important to remember when you are going through a divorce to avoid judging the other person’s parenting skills if you are angry with them for other reasons.  If your spouse is a good parent and it would benefit the children to maintain a relationship with them, then it’s worth it to everyone involved to find a custody agreement that works.

Family issues can be a big obstacle in many divorces, but working with a mediator with a background in family law can take the stress and emotions out of the process.  By focusing on what is best for the children and creating a plan that everyone can agree on, a mediator can become your most valued resource when you are going through a divorce.

If you are thinking about going to trial with your divorce, consider the financial and emotional impact on your family.   It’s always better to avoid complicating matters even further when there are kids involved.  Contact a trusted law professional today to see how mediation could work for you and avoid the cost, hassle and stress of going to court to end your marriage.

Many parents think that child support only applies in cases where a legally married couple is separating.  Child support applies in any situation where the parents of a child are legally separating, even if they aren’t married.  In Oregon, the majority of child support issues are handled within the courts, whether or not the couple is married.  For unmarried fathers, it’s important to take some steps to protect your rights as a parent and to do it as quickly as possible after the birth of the child.  Taking an active role in your child’s life right away is the key to establishing that important bond that you can nurture for life.

If you are an unmarried father, it’s important that you legally establish the paternity of your child so that you can play an active role in any child support issues, questions about child custody and modifications to existing agreements later on down the road.

Unmarried fathers must hire a child support attorney in Portland  (who deals with cases in Multnomah County, Washington County, Clackamas County, Yamhill County) if they want to ensure that their rights are protected through all types of custody and parenting disputes.  Sometimes circumstances change, and you may need to ask the courts to decrease the amount of support you pay or petition the courts for more visitation time.  No matter what you need, hire an expert who has experience in the common issues that unmarried fathers face.  Whether you are seeking a more active parenting role in your child’s life or want to alter your child support payments, hiring your own attorney is the smartest move you can make.

There’s nothing worse than being denied valuable time with your children that you deserve or being forced to pay more child support than is reasonably expected. If you need help navigating the tricky waters of co-parenting as an unmarried father, contact a child support attorney today for help.  Acting fast and getting your legal issues straightened out as quickly as possible will help both parents focus on what is most important – taking care of the child.

As an active father, you understand the importance of maintaining a healthy, loving bond with your kids.  If you are dedicated to ensuring that your relationship with your kids isn’t negatively impacted by your divorce, then it’s important to be informed about the custody process and what your rights are.  We’ve put together 3 tips for Dad’s that can help simplify the custody process.  Before you call a Portland custody lawyer, read on for some helpful information.  A Portland custody lawyer handles cases in Portland, Beaverton, Tigard, Lake Oswego, Hillsboro, Astoria and other surrounding towns.

The first tip to remember before entering into a custody fight is that it’s important to start out pushing for as much custody time as possible from the very start.  Allowing your spouse to have more time on a temporary custody schedule may help reduce the conflict for a short period of time, but it won’t do anything to help your kids.  Plus, it will actually be harder down the road to modify that agreement once it’s in place.  As a father, you need to show the courts why you want more time and clearly indicate why it would be in the best interests of the kids- that’s the best way to present the strongest case for your parental rights.

The second tip for Dads who are dealing with custody issues is to never bring up questions about child support payments or other financial questions when discussing custody.  It’s a common misconception that some parents simply want more custody because they don’t want to pay as much in support.  Child support payments aren’t solely based on who has the most time with the child, and it can be very dangerous territory when discussing custody issues.  Don’t let yourself be seen as just wanting more child support or it might negatively impact your case.

Our final tip for Dads is to remember that maintaining a good relationship with the mother of your children is always the best and easiest way to protect your kids from harmful emotions and the stress that divorce can bring.  Be respectful and try to reason as much as possible in order to keep a major conflict from developing.  It’s the best gift that you can give to your kids and it can help make custody issues much easier to navigate.

A Portland family lawyer can help you get through the most common legal situations that many families will face at some point during their lives.  Contrary to popular belief, family law isn’t just about custody cases.  Lawyers who specialize in family law deal with a much broader spectrum of legal issues, including three of the most common legal situations:  divorce, property settlements and prenuptial agreements.  These family law issues can range from the simplest cases to those that are more complex in nature.  Working with a lawyer who is experienced in family law ensures the best possible outcome for your case.  These lawyers handle cases in Multnomah County, Washington County, Clackamas County, Yamhill County.

Divorce cases can range from those that are pretty cut and dry and easy to resolve, to others that involve much more time spent working out settlement agreements.  A family lawyer who specializes in divorce cases like yours can help sort out all the details, making it easy to see exactly what needs to be done to resolve your case as quickly as possible.  While you may not think you need a lawyer for your divorce case, legal experts recommend that everyone involved have their legal representation.  That way, if emotions are ignited during the process or if issues come out that complicate the matter, it won’t throw the process too far off track.

Property settlements are another common area where a family lawyer in Portland can help settle issues much faster.  Issues involving property can be touchy as there is often value involved that both parties have a vested interest in.  When it comes to property settlements due to divorce, a death in the family or other issues, make sure you work with a family lawyer who can ensure that the matter is handled as smoothly as possible.

Finally, a family lawyer can be a tremendous source of help when drafting pre-nuptial agreements, as they have the knowledge and expertise needed to ensure that the resulting agreement meets your expectations.  Working with a family lawyer before you get married is also a great way to take care of things like setting up your will, revising custody plans and other agreements that may come up before you get married.

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