Divorce attorneys see a lot when they are helping people reach an agreement to end their marriage.  While the process of divorce can be complicated on its own, it becomes much more difficult when there are children involved.  No one sees how much a divorce can impact the kids more than an experienced Oregon divorce attorney.  To help reduce the impact that your divorce has on your kids, we’ve put together some helpful tips that can help to minimize the emotional toll on the whole family.

One thing that divorce attorneys often recommend to divorcing couples with kids is to try and keep their daily routine and life as consistent as possible.  This may sound impossible when one spouse is living outside of the home or when there is a great deal of animosity between you and your spouse.  Kids needs an extra level of stability when their parents are going through a divorce, so try to keep their home life and school activities the same whenever possible.  If one partner has moved out, try to set up a stable place for the kids at the new home, so that they can feel safe when spending time with both parents.

Another important piece of advice is to keep the lines of communication open with your kids.  Children of all ages often have a lot of questions about divorce, and it’s important to keep your ears open because they may want to talk about the divorce but don’t know if it’s ok to broach the subject.  It’s good for both parents to let their kids know that it’s ok to ask questions, so make sure to keep those lines of communication open. Make sure you don’t speak negatively about the other parent to the kids, or in front of the kids. Divorce is hard on children, and much more so if they feel caught between parents.

Perhaps the most valuable information that a divorce attorney can give to their clients who have children is to remember to take proper care of their health and well-being during the divorce process so that they can be the best possible parents to their kids.  Divorce is stressful, and it’s important to make sure you are taking time to decompress.  Do the things you normally would to relax and take time to have fun with your kids.  You’ll be glad you did once your divorce has been resolved.

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