In Portland and throughout Oregon, making sure children receive all the benefits and child support they are entitled to is an important undertaking for any parent.


Portland based child support lawyers are quick to acknowledge that coordinating health care for a child, collecting support payments, and  determining past due child support can be daunting.  It can also be daunting to find yourself in the position of being entitled to a credit for payments of child support you have made that is not showing on the records of the court or support enforcement.


The Oregon Department of Justice, Oregon Child Support Program is an active participant in overseeing the well being of children throughout the state, and while they offer a broad range of support services, one thing they do not offer is legal advice.  They represent the State of Oregon and must remain as impartial as possible, administering laws, regulations and programs within the framework set up by the state.


While this provides a good measure of support, it does not always lead to the best possible outcome for a parent struggling to provide for their children.  In fact, in cases where there is criminal nonsupport, an attorney is appointed to represent the person charged, if that person does not have the financial means to pay for a lawyer on their own.


Hiring an attorney can be the best possible course of action for issues that will have long term implications for both parents and children involved in support cases.  In fact, if you’ve retained an attorney, the Division of Child Support and a District Attorney must work through your attorney unless your attorney grants them permission to speak with you directly.


While retaining an attorney can be a challenging expense to bear during a difficult time in your life, the fact is that retaining an attorney to help you receive the child support payments you are entitled to, or to help you defend against child support that has been collected and needs to be credited back to you, may be one of the wisest investments you can make for the overall health and happiness of your family.


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