When you and your former spouse decide that a divorce is the way to go, there is an expectation that you and your former spouse will be amicable towards each other. The divorcing couple may even have that intention, but unfortunately, even the best efforts can fall to the wayside once the negotiations begin. For many parents, they experience a creeping realization that the repercussions of the divorce will affect their livelihood as well as the livelihood of their children.

When negotiating a divorce settlement, there are many laws and factors that make the understanding of your rights complicated. If you want to protect yourself and your children, you must have a thorough understanding of family appeals law as well as the help of an attorney. If the initial negotiations fail and you must go to trial, being knowledgeable of the law will help you determine if the court ruled correctly.

Sometimes, the judges will misinterpret a piece of evidence or a law that will result in the court ruling against you in full or in part. If you feel that the court had ruled incorrectly, you have the right to contest the ruling at an appellate court. Or if your former spouse is contesting the decision, then you need to have the tools to protect the original ruling.

Appellate courts, as opposed to trial courts, will only consider a change in the ruling if the original ruling resulted from the trial court misinterpreting evidence or the law. Also, appellate courts will always have a bias to affirm the trial court’s ruling. Depending on if you are contesting the original ruling or not, this fact can be good or bad. Either way, it is essential to have a Portland family appeals law attorney that has the experience to present the evidence of the case to persuade the appellate court to rule in your favor.

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